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Asexuality by Tiny Dinosaur :)!

Okay. Ive just recently came out to a handful of my best friends about my sexuality. I would die without them. well anyway none of them knew what being pansexual was when I explained it two of them looked disgusted. The other looked heartbroken, and the one m closest to freaked out and he wont talk to me. Ive known him for years. Im scard what he going to do when I ask out this girl i really like. He is so homophobic its scary. I cant lose these people. I only have two people who will talk now.

Well, if they chose to be disgusted and to react badly, are they really TRUE friends you can rely on? As sad as it is, people come and go in life be it a best friend or just a friend. Even enemies come and go. It doesn’t matter how close you are to another if they stop talking to you because of something as simple as SEXUALITY, then they aren’t exactly true friends in my opinion.

Homophobes are also EXTREMELY close-minded and they are usually like that due to the way they were raised. If asking this girl out will make you happy, do it! IF you lose friends over this then it is THEIR loss, not yours. They are choosing to leave you over such a DUMB dumb thing. And yes it’ll hurt to lose them but there’s a saying I’ve heard a lot and I’ve been hearing it a lot lately::~

Those who Mind don’t matter.
Those who Matter don’t mind.

So if they are disgusted and upset about your sexuality, they truly do not matter. If they DID matter, they wouldn’t be disgusted at ALL and would remain your friend. Know what I mean?

All in all, it sounds like these ‘friends’ of yours aren’t TRUE friends and would later become toxic people to have around in your life down the road. Sure it’s going to hurt to lose them, but you’ll be able to find new friends and even BETTER friends as well! Or perhaps they just need a moment to re-think their reactions and get a better grip on reality and what not. I’m guessing ya’ll are around early if not mid-teens in age?

They could just need a good talking to about sexuality and the like! Try talking to the guy who won’t talk to you again, and if after a while of trying to talk to him, he doesn’t talk to you — Cut him out of your life. You don’t need that toxicity around you in your life.

I identify as pansexual and have been flirting with a guy I like for quite a while, and he's flirting back. I want to tell him that I'm pansexual, but I'm not sure how to. I've been out to everyone close to me for a while now, but I've never had to come out to a crush. He's not homophobic, but it's new territory for me. Do you have any advice?

Well, he’s not homophobic. I wouldn’t worry too much, he just might get a bit confused as to what Pansexual is seeing as it seems not many people really know about it {Though it seems it’s getting more and more known now!}

Just tell him you’re not straight, that you’re Pansexual. And if he asks you what that means well then tell him what it means of course. Nothing else to it, really! c:

I am pansexual and I have a crush on one of my closet friend {who is a girl and bi and I am a girl} wondering if you have any advice on asking her out thanks a bunch. Your blog makes me feel so much better about my sexuality and is wonderful

Glad you enjoy this blog~ c: Love your Toothless icon by the way~<3

As for asking your friend out, oh goodness… That’s always tough to do no matter who you’re asking out. It’ll nerve-wracking no matter what! 
You could try asking her while you’re hanging out. But be SURE to ask her face-to-face and not over some social network or texting. Assuming this is a real life friend of yours of course.
Just start it off by, ‘Hey, I have a question —’ Or something like that. And it’s okay to stutter and fumble over your words, and even chicken out a few times. Just take your time with asking her and don’t rush it!

my GSA is talking about Pansexuality this week and I was wondering if you knew of any TV characters or celebrities that are pansexual. I'm having a hard time finding this.



Unfortunately, I do not know of any celebrities or some such that are Pansexual. :c Most are either gay, bi or straight.

Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who/Torchwood is implied to be sort of pansexual. It’s never given a name as such, but he is very open sexually and flirts with EVERYONE.

Oh, thanks! c:

I hope ilovestarkidtoomuch see’s this, it may help them!

my GSA is talking about Pansexuality this week and I was wondering if you knew of any TV characters or celebrities that are pansexual. I'm having a hard time finding this.

Unfortunately, I do not know of any celebrities or some such that are Pansexual. :c Most are either gay, bi or straight.

Great blog you have here! You might also enjoy the one I've recently started on here as well. Feel free to check it out.

Thank you! I’m glad people enjoy this blog~<3 

Also, followers~! Go check this blog out. c:
It’s NSFW though, so if you don’t want to see explicit things don’t look!

I am sorta young as well and I'm scared people will think it's just a phase or that ppl will get un comfterable in the locker room or such..: any tips how i can convince ppl that just bcuz I'm pan. i won't stare at them in the locker room?

Sorry for the possibly late answer and for any typos I might make. My laptop broke and I am now on my iPod.

If they think its a phase, just kindly tell them it is not.
As for the locker room problem, just tell them “It’s not your body I care about, so I won’t stare. I have absolutely no resin or want to state at you as you change just because I’m Pansexual.” Or something along those lines~

I'm quiet shy of me and don't like opening up, do you have a good suggestion on how I can come out with being pansexual? I'm scared that people will not understand or dislike me for it...

All you really have to do is tell them. Start with telling your parents or a close friend. Though it’s also good to know their views on different sexualities first.

Do they accept Gay/Bi/Pan/Etc. people or do they not?

I know it can be nerve-wrecking and the like but have confidence! One way to come out is to start by saying ‘Look, can I talk to you about something?’ or ‘I have something important to tell you.’ Once you have their attention with that, proceed to explain that you’re not straight, you’re Pansexual. Of course you might expect them to question you about it due to many others not knowing what Pansexual is — But explain it along the lines of ’ Pansexual is a gender-blind love. You can be male, female, trandgender or no gender. Gender has nothign to do with who I fall for.’